Welcome,  all the photos in these galleries can be saved (just right-click-save) for free, the BUY icon is there by default.  Of course you can use it to purchase prints of the photos if you like.

As with the previous years, we focused our attention on getting the surf photos. We noticed there were always enough photographers at the event capturing the group photos, the individuals, the on-the- beach photos, etc... But not many focusing on the surf/action shots.  So you will find mostly surf shots in these galleries, we want to make sure the athletes get some epic surf shots to share with everyone.

An effort was made to try to get surf photos of as many athletes as possible, we apologize if someone didn't get photos, with such a wide area to cover and only have one shooter, sometimes someone may have got missed.  Photos were shot from the start till lunch, unlike previous years, our shooter couldn't stay till the end.

You can check out our photos from previous years and as well as the They Will Skate Again events on our complete LIFE ROLLS ON PHOTO GALLERY PAGE

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